No matter your fungus problem, HomeShield Services has an answer for you. Our experts can handle everything from a simple test to a complex basement mitigation and removal. We have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose your issue and irradiate the most challenging of situations.

Fungus Remediation

Bleach does not kill fungus. While some products appear to kill it, this is simply the bleach removing the discoloration. Fungus is a plant, and has roots. The correct way to remediate fungus is by using which kill the plant and not just make it not visible to the eye.

Cleaning And Restoration

“Remediation” is removing fungus and killing it.  “Restoration” is preventing it from returning by locating the moisture source, repairing it and treating the surface with a biocide.  When finished, you’ll never know it was there!

Water Damage Mitigation

After water damage strikes, it’s extremely important to stop the underlying source of the moisture, remove damaged building materials as necessary,  and begin the drying process.

Moisture Control

Encapsulating a crawlspace is the most effective way to help prevent unwanted odors, control pests, reduce energy costs and control moisture.  Moisture controlling equipment is also an effective way to control  and prevent fungal growth on items in these susceptible spaces.