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Columbia University Center for Radiological Research – Reports It Will!

“Using the power of light: Preventing the airborne spread of Coronavirus and Influenza”

UV-C Disinfecting Hospitals

Hospitals Use UV-C Lamps

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Fighting Flu With UV-C

Fighting The Flu With UV-C

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Benefits of Disinfecting With UV-C

Benefits of Disinfecting With UV-C Light

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UV-C Lamp

Attack From Germs
Disease can be caused by pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.  This is of special concern for people with weak immune systems such as the very young, old, and those suffering from chronic illness.

Killing Pathogens
For years, hospitals have been using 254 nanometer wavelength UV-C light to kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The bulky units that they use to sterilize patient and operating rooms can cost upwards of $100,000.  

UVC Destroys Nucleic Acids
UV-C energy from our light is an effective, environment-friendly and chemical-free approach to killing dangerous microorganisms by denying microorganisms the ability to reproduce or function.

Large Rooms
Each UV-C lamp has an arm that allows it to swivel and expose hard to reach areas such as under sinks, in crawl spaces, bath tubs, and any surfaces in the rooms that you would like to treat.  Several lamps can be used together to treat rooms  larger than 600 Sq Ft.

60-90 Minute Sessions
We can simultaneously treat multiple rooms whether you’re at home or away.  By placing several lamps throughout your home, treatments can be performed once people, animals, and plants are removed from the room to be sanitized.  Sessions last between 60 – 90 minutes.

Additional Questions?    UV-C Pathogen Sanitizing Service Q&A


      Q: What is the service exactly?
      A: HomeShield Services will come to your home and strategically set up special and patented UV lights inside your home. Each light stays on for 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the room. These lights emit UV-C light within a specific wavelength that effectively inactivates 99.9% of pathogens includes viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

      Q: How do I know it is effective?
      A: This technology has been around for nearly a hundred years but has recently been adopted by hospitals and airlines to sanitize the air and surfaces. UVC has well documented effectiveness against all different types of pathogens. This technology is used in high-end water treatment and air purification systems because its effectiveness is so well known. Please see our website for video testimonials and for peer reviewed research studies.

      Q: Why can’t I just use chemicals to reduce pathogens in my home or office?
      A: Chemicals can be effective for reducing the microbial levels on nonporous surfaces. However, UVC light is proven to be effective on multiple types of surfaces and also the air. Hospitals have discovered that utilizing UVC technology has reduced their time to sterilize spaces by up to 50% with greater efficacy.

      Q: Couldn’t I just buy the same technology and do it myself?
      A: There are many manufactures of UVC lights that are available to the public. The reason that our service offers such a value is because we place multiple lights, typically 20-30, around your home or office that are powerful enough to be effective yet gentile enough to not cause damage to surfaces. Our expertly trained technicians know exactly where to set the lights up so that you get maximum effectiveness. In addition, these lights are not cheap. Each service represents an investment of many thousands of dollars with the most up-to-date technology.

      Q: What other companies are providing a similar service?
      A: We are not currently aware of any other company on the planet that offers a similar service.

      Q: How do I set up a service?
      A: Please call HomeShield Services at 615-255-8808 and just ask us about it. We have experts who can explain the entire process to you and provide you with an exact quote.

      Q: How long does the whole service take?
      A: We ask that you provide us a 2-hour window to do the service. This can be adjusted based on the size of your home. We can give you a time window when you can us.

      Q: Can I be present when this treatment is done?
      A: Unfortunately, once we start turning the lights on, we need all people, pets, and plants to be removed from the treatment area. We want to be as accommodating as possible. We understand at this time many people are restricted to their homes and we would ask to enjoy the beautiful patio you have during the treatment. If this is not possible, let your expert know and they will try their best to create a vacancy plan for you.

      Q: Are these lights harmful in any way?
      A: They are for pathogens! As for you, other people, and pets, no! In fact, part of the reason why we are so excited about this service is because it offers a proven and chemical free way of reducing the amount of pathogens in your home.